Sunday, September 12, 2010

first {daze} of school

Jacob started Grade 1 this year...I'm sure there will be an adjustment going everyday, but so far its a thumbs up from him, he likes it!!  He lost his tooth {down the drain} the morning before school,  so that added to the excitement.

Jesse started later in the week...first day of kindergarten!!!  Here he is waiting for the bus, surprisingly keen and was like the calm before the storm.  I have anticipated this dreadful day for a long time....not only because my baby boy was growing up, but I knew there was going to be attachment issues.  Sure enough when it was time to enter the classroom and time for mommy to didn't go so well.  I was relieved to hear at the end of the day he was calm and cooperative and enjoyed his day....yeah!!  Mommy is sooo proud of you little man!!


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