Monday, September 13, 2010

a {birth} story

{first of all, you need to click OFF the sound/or play button on the playlist below, to hear the video music}

Happy Birthday, Ezra!! One year ago today, I had the pleasure of photographing one of the greatest and most memorable days of your life....this is a video of Ezra birth day. This was an experiment and although things didn't all go as we had planned....we still made a great keepsake...thanks again guys for letting me be a part of your special day :o)  Love you guys for letting me try out my new adventure....I think I have found my new passion in photography.

Birth photography is a beautiful way to remember your child's birth day....FOREVER!! If your interested or know someone that may be interested, please email or call for details.


Melanie Delamorandiere said...

Wow that was beautiful! What an amazing way to look back as our children grow so fast we often don't remember how tiny they really were! Great job! And hard to believe it's already been a year!

Anonymous said...

That is the most beautiful video I have ever seen. I have not met my nephew yet and this video makes me want to meet him right now! Thanks for sharing.

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