Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, Jesse

Another year older, Jesse turned "6" last week...when asked what he wanted on his b-day cake he replied "... a shark cake, you know like JAWS"....and thats what he got!!  I love that he has his own ideas now, and not just those of his older brother.
Oh yeah, in case your wondering why he's covering his ears in the photo below...he hates the "Happy Birthday" song....but we sing it anyway, LOL.
 In keeping with the theme, we thought we would create a shark out of cardboard...great for games, playing in and of course photos!!  Jesse had the idea of taking a pic in it with each of his friends, soo cute.

...Jesse's cousin Christian, what a cutie!

...trying out the new roller blades, thanks Nana!

...worth the smile on your face, glad you had a great party!  love, mommy


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