Monday, January 17, 2011


Finally my first blog post of 2011, long overdue...I know!   I don't know whether I was just coming down after the holiday season, or the chaos of getting the house back on schedule or this freezing cold weather we're having...whatever the reason I guess I just lost my mojo along the way. (which is ironic, because one of my 2011 goals was to post more). Anyway, I have a ton of new ideas I want to try and personal goals I want to meet this cheers to 2011, hope you can join me along the way!

Here's are a few pics from around my house the past couple of weeks....
This is one of my favorite things photo calendar (filled with my kids pics), my SIL spends hrs on making these every yr, and is such a great gift, I love them...I keep all the past calendars and I love looking back at them and see how the kiddies have changed.

Jacob making "smoke"....

my little Leaf fan....

my active little 2yr old.....who doesn't stop finding new things to do (that doesn't involve toys, of course)

at the end of the day.....she does give in (sometimes).


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