Friday, October 8, 2010

Ezzy is {1} ~ Family photography

Here is a sneaky peeky from "Ezzy" session this week.  {you may remember him from the video below} He is now "1" and couldn't get any cuter, really!!  I think "1" is one of my favorite ages...there are just learning on their feet, they are happy about everything, they still have their baby fat, they are just learning to say a few words and {they can't talk back yet}.....
This session was soo much fun....when I heard we were getting the neighbours "Gator" to take out for pictures, I gotta tell ya...I thought it was a pet that Ezzy was fond of.....duh!! It ended up having 4-wheels and was sooo much fun taking back in no-mans boys would have loved it! 

More to follow......Have a good Thanksgiving weekend!!!


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