Friday, July 23, 2010

foto {4} friday | family photography


Last month Gracie turned "2", she got a tricycle for her birthday...but she wasn't to happy that her big bro wanted to test it out first!!
Poor girl always gets picked on...stay strong Gracie!

When I took her out to do her birthday pics...then the thumb came out {oh well, this is Gracie at age 2}. 

...she didn't have to many smiles for me, but she always has this {what mama?} look on her face.

...and this is Gracie at her usual, run, running!!

If you've seen my FB page, I have entered this pic in Gigi's CutiePie Contest ...just join her group and vote for Gracie, I may have the chance to win a great prize with an amazing photographer.


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